Running Dead is Ross Crothers' first novel. The book is available for purchase in paperback or for download to electronic reading devices.

Running Dead


Two men are murdered – gangland style – in an exclusive London hotel. Their connection? They were responsible for the conviction of a conman and fraudster, ten years earlier.  Ash Todd of the Australian Federal Police, prosecuted that case with Scotland Yard. Now The Yard has called him in again …urgently.

The search for the killer propels Todd from London to the Riviera, to New York and the Cayman Islands. People are terrified to talk. Something, or someone, has them gripped with fear. In every city his life is threatened. Someone seemingly knows his every move, before he makes it. Someone is betraying his trust. Worse, on the cusp of a breakthrough and when he needs them most, The Yard seemingly withdraws support – which leaves him hanging. Did they really want the case solved – or were they just Running Dead?

Alone, feeling increasingly isolated in strange surroundings, he can rely on no-one but himself. With a mounting death toll, and twists in the end that leave him emotionally distraught, Todd discovers some vital truths -  to the murders; to the ten-year-old fraud case, and ultimately who had betrayed him on his hunt.

"Filled with intrigue, twists and turns, you'll be captivated from the very start.  Very rarely a book comes along that hooks you from the beginning, and holds you to the very end."

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author



"For those who love a good mystery and intrigue – this is the book for you, it is an adventurous, nail-biting read, full of action, danger and conspiracy."

Nicua Shamira

Terraverum - Blog

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