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Dead Man's Cut is Ross Crothers' second novel. The book is available for purchase in paperback or for download to electronic reading devices.

Dead Man's Cut


Following a personal calamity, Ash Todd becomes an emotional basket case. The AFP orders a time-out from his job, and with the help of friends, he lands a casual stint … as head of security … on a mega-yacht, owned by a private casino boss in Macau.


But it’s a weird mix of people on board … high-rollers, hookers, a lady-boy. Even the yacht’s captain carries a question mark. After a bout of boozing, gambling and  late-night arguments, a mutilated body is discovered. Macau Police take control and, under pressure, the skipper makes a run for it … but is soon arrested and slammed into a prison cell.


The casino boss hires Todd to investigate further. In Shanghai and Hong Kong he is warned-off, beaten and slashed. He escapes with vital evidence and as political pressure mounts, uncovers a blurred trail of power. In his hunt for the truth, questions arise. Who is the real killer? And does anyone care? With a looming countdown and more lives on the line, including his own, the final question is … can Ash Todd save them?

Ross Crothers, Australian author, Running Dead, indie author, murder, mystery, international crime, drugs, detective, intrigue, police drama

* Postage prices quoted are for Australian residents only. For international postage, please contact the author for a quote.

$29.99 AUD + $6.95 POSTAGE
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